1. Respect each other (Helpers or ops)
2. Don't use ur access power for personal reason
3. When u delete someone send memo with the nickname and  the reason
4. No more than 2 clones
5. Don't delete any ops for personal reason
6. Don't kick ops for personal reason
10. No bad words
12.    U have 3 warrning if u r online on the dalnet and not joing the channel after that u will be removing ,, if u don't need ur access delete ur self before we r doing this
14.    Respect all ircops join our channel and out of our channel
15.    Respect the helpers and ops/voices
16.    Respect The higher access from u
17.    No fights for any reason
18.    Add anyone to akick list send memo with the nickname and the reason and no personal reason
19.    Don't kick or deop our channel bot
20.Don't re-add any op another op remove him before u ask him and know the reason for deleted
21.Respect or rules and follow it or leave the channel

All rules are enforced at the operators' discretion.
Weclome To #DALnetHelpers @DALnet
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